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Ipsie and Ito - The Fortune Cookie

ipsie ito

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Audio included. iPad with latest version of iBooks required.

What happens when Ipsie and Ito eat fortune cookies? Beginner readers will love to find out! In this addition to the Ipsie and Ito Series, they are confronted with some ominous fortunes after they eat fortune cookies. They decide to ignore the fortunes, but in the end, the fortunes will not be ignored, and adventure ensues! In the end, the fortunes turn out to be a blessing in disguise, so you also get a happy ending, of course! This is a free Children's Book for iPad, so pass it on and share it as much as you wish.

Note, this children's book is free to download from the iBookstore, but you do need to have an iPad with the latest version of iBooks for the book to work. This story is also part of the Lil Rep Reading Program for iPad, and if you would like more formal reading practice on iPad, search for "Lil Rep" in the iBookstore.

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