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While teaching computer classes in a kindergarten through 8th grade school, many hours were spent looking for organized, instructional activities in reading and math. With this need in mind, this website began. This website provides easy access to reading and math resources in a safe environment with few distractions. Some of Mr McGlover's learning strategies are listed below.

Less Theory, More Participation
The math and reading videos encourage the student to be engaged in the learning process. Whether the student follows along silently or participates out loud, engaging in the activity is key.

Short, Intense Learning Sessions
Math and reading videos are short and sweet, but they attempt to keep the student's attention level high during the video. Five minutes of high attention can be more effective than long sessions of drifting attention.

Take Frequent Breaks
Frequent breaks will keep focus levels high.

A Light, Comfortable Approach
When a student is at ease, they may be more likely to "take something in." Mr McGlover attempts to create such an atmosphere in the videos, and at the same time, keep the student's attention high.

Education First, Entertainment Second
With so many online educational resources available, it can be difficult to find material with actual educational content. Children have tons of options to click and distract themselves. They can spend lots of time online with content that does not challenge them or help them learn. These reading and math videos ask the student to participate and get as much out of the activity as possible.

An environment is provided where the student can focus on the task at hand. You may also notice that comments on the videos are screened to ensure children will not have to deal with inappropriate comments.

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